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When techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the goods and services’ production then this collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes is called technology and AskTutorHelp here for Technology Assignment Help. The knowledge of technique and process could be technology. The technology is advancing day by day and new discoveries are taking place every now and then.  The area of technology is huge and it covers many subjects with in it. Technological advancements are boon for most of the companies. For example Google, Facebook and Yahoo are the best examples who are flourishing because of advancements in technology. Today one can see whole world through Google map, one can reach any unknown place by following GPS. There are lots of things which are just possible due to technology. The life is being made easy and comfortable with the help on technology.

The students, who are doing courses related to technology, are not need to be worried about their hectic and tough assignments and project because experts on this website are here to help them. There are many experts of technology area here on this website and many of these experts are well experienced. The students can post their requirements through POST YOUR ASSIGNMENT form and get help from the experts. 

  • Experts_proposal

    I provide tutor services to all subjects related to Education and Tutoring mainly in physics, chemistry, Electrical and Mathematics. I can also guide in Physiology, Sociology and biology. My principal motivation is to make students hard worker so they never fail in their studies. Mathematics, Quantitative Techniques, Engineering, Technology, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Sociology, Education and Qualification*:

    (1) Bachelors of Electrical Engineering. (2) MBA Hr (3) Diploma in Computer IT.

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  • Ace Expert

    I have been working on several different projects during the last few years and due to my expert experience I have grown and sharpened my professional skills. I have practical experience so that makes me a good tutor! Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operation Research, English, Communications, Engineering, Technology, Science, Education and Qualification*:

    o Masters. Business Management/ HR Marketing management o Grad. Electrical Engineering o A-Levels o Diploma in Technical writing/ Certified Technical writer Certifications in English Literature/ History Programming

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  • creative tutor

    I will Boost your Grade subjects like Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, English, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Mathematics. Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, English, Engineering, Technology, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, Education and Qualification*:

    Engineering in Computer Science

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  • Acadia

    I also teach additional subjects like Law, Accounting, Politics, Ethics, Mathematics, Algebra, Banking, Business Analytic, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Technology,Literature, Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Anthropology, Chemistry, Physics, C++, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Java. You will always get prompt responses. Computer Information System, Economics, Mathematics, Technology, Chemistry, Physics, Anthropology, Education and Qualification*:

    M.Phill (Applied Economics), Chartered Accountant (CPA), MBA (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources), Masters of Arts (English Literature), Bachelors of Arts (Sociology, Psychology, History), PGD (Humanities, Philosophy, Journalism), Diploma (Information Technology, Time Management & Creative Writing)

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  • Apex Tutor

    Topics covered include: • Biology • Biotechnology • Botany • Genetics • Medical Science • Microbiology • Molecular Biology • Natural History • Zoology • Bioinformatics • Agriculture • Ecology and Environment • Earth Systems Engineering Academic Formats Available: • APA • MLA • Harvard • Chicago • AAA • ASA • CSE • Turabian English, Rewriting and proofreading, Engineering, Technology, Science, Biology, Geography, Others, Education and Qualification*:

    1) B.Sc (Honors, Microbiology) Gold Medalist stood first in the whole university. 2) M.Phil (Master of Philosophy, Applied Microbiology) Special recognition for pioneer research done & nominated for inclusion in “Marquis Who is Who” for this pioneer research done. 3) Fellow of ASM (American Society of Microbiology) since 1991.

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  • Sharp.Expert

    Education and Tutoring in life science like Zoology, Genetics . My subjects of expertise includes Zoology, Botany, biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Applied Immunology, Medical Biotechnology Applied Enzymology, Genetic Engineering, Animal Cell and Tissue Culture, Gene Expression and Control, Molecular Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Human Genetics Human Physiology and Anatomy, Medicine Biomedical Instrumentation, Environmental studies, English and Psychology. English, Engineering, Technology, Science, Biology, Psychology, Others, Education and Qualification*:

    BS. Zoology (4 years) M.Phil Zoology , M.Ed Science Education. Diploma in writing and diploma in Research paleontology

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  • WhiteLotus

    Area of expertise in which I can deal effectively includes business and management, marketing, accounting and IT related work. Further, I can mentor and assist in coding in different languages JAVA, PHP,Asp.Net, C, C++, C#, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, Environmental Sciences, Finance, Psychology, Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Fluid mechanics, Engineering, Surveying, structure design, Humanities, Education, Political Science, English, Physics. in a more effective way Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Computer Information System, Information Technology System, Web Designing and Development, Engineering, Technology, Political Science, Psychology, Education and Qualification*:

    BS in Computer science, Advance diploma in computers, Certified Graphic Designer, A-Level, IELTS with 7 Bands.

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  • Prof. Jaclyn

    I can also guide you in Literature, Law, Accounting, Humanities, Politics, Ethics, Banking, Business Analytic, Entrepreneurship, Digital Technology, Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Anthropology. Marketing, Operations Management, Accounting, Technology, Anthropology, Political Science, Education and Qualification*:

    BS (Politics, History, Sociology, Psychology), BBA (HR, Marketing, Economics), M.A (English Literature), MBA (Accounting & Finance), Graduate Diploma (Philosophy, Humanities), PGD (Mathematics & Statistics)

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  • Mentor_Aide

    I can provide my expert services to guide you in subjects like physics (nuclear physics, particle physics), chemistry (organic & inorganic), biology(micro & macro biology) and mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, complex variables). Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Education and Qualification*:

    B.S Electrical Engineering, ADSE (Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering)

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  • Mentor 24x7

    My areas of expertise are Technology, statistics tasks I also tutor in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Marketing. Additionally, I have been helping students through tutoring and mentoring since I was a university student. Marketing, Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Technology, History, Sociology, Education and Qualification*:

    M. Phil Economics, Diploma in Creative Writing, Diploma in Project management, Master in International Trade, Master in Business Administration,B.A Literature, Master in business administration.

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