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  • Academic Helper

    I advise and guide my students in the education subjects like, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biochemistry etc. I emphasized more on the numerical problems related to physical chemistry (basic as well as advanced). I can help you to understand basic as well as advanced level concepts in Physical Sciences including Physics, Biochemistry. Science,Chemistry,Physics,Biology,, Education and Qualification*:

    Postgraduate in Chemistry with specialization in Organic Chemistry (Gold Medalist in Bachelor& Master). Teachers Training (PGCE) UK

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I have been tutoring/mentoring students for more than 14 years. I am lecturer by profession and teaching in leading school with academic excellence in UK. I am very quality oriented and helps my students to understand the concepts. I can help in understanding all concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biochemistry etc. My service is mainly to provide you the guidance so that you can have better understanding of your subject.