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    I have been working on several different projects during the last few years and due to my expert experience I have grown and sharpened my professional skills. I have practical experience so that makes me a good tutor! Marketing,Finance,Human Resource,Operation Research,English,Communications,Engineering,Technology,Science,, Education and Qualification*:

    o Masters. Business Management/ HR Marketing management o Grad. Electrical Engineering o A-Levels o Diploma in Technical writing/ Certified Technical writer Certifications in English Literature/ History Programming

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I have worked as a tutor and taught many courses such as Programming, MS Office, Networking etc. I am a expert in tutoring. I have worked for many years in this field and have done different projects. With the passage of time, I have increased my skills with different training and other tools. I have worked on my expertise during my career and have assisted many clients through my knowledge. I also have years of experience at MS PowerPoint 2013, MS Word 2013 and much more.

Well Done. Excellent Work. A+ Grade