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    Already helped many students in the courses: ECON251, ENGL220, ENGL420, ENGL435, IET355, COM102, OLS3000, OLS375, OLS376, OLS384, MGMT380, MGMT324, ACCT3332, BUS306, ENG111, ENGL112, ENG203, ITS120, ITS110, BUS205, ECON211, MGMT3340, MGMT3320, ENVL110, CIST3000, TECH646, MGMT4395, ISQA3420, CSCI1620, INFO1531, BUSM225, ISQA3310, CIST2100, FINC3310, CIST1100, BUS305, ECON2323, MGMT3310, MGMT4360, MKTG3350, MGMT4377, HIST1311 . Marketing,Finance,Human Resource,Accounting,Microeconomics,Macroeconomics,Psychology,Sociology,, Education and Qualification*:

    8 years of experience in online education and tutoring.

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