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I can mentor and tutor you in the computer and programming field.I have extensive knowledge of programming languages.I have exceptional and enthusiastic programming skills.I have good proficiency in the areas java graphical user interface,android development, java programming with databases, java threads, java applets, java network programming, client-server model in java and also remote method invocation in java.I use eclips and netbeen IDE for java programming.Except these expertise in java ,I am good programmer in C++, HTML5/XHTML, CSS, php, javascript, ajax, jquery, xml, assembly language and well known of sqlplus, mysql databases. I have over 10 year of experience of tutoring and mentoring computer and programming technologies.I had been awarded with gold medal in BS(CS) bachelor of computer science with CGPA 3.5/4 by the national university of computer and emerging sciences. I love to face challenges.I always exposure to latest technology and advancements.I have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.My behavior is honest, sincere,friendly with the clients.

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