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I am qualified tutor and have mentored thousands of people already in the field of education. My primary focus is to provide my best for the clients and make them satisfy till end. I will be available all the time and after taking my services, you will feel the difference. Moreover, I am also capable of mentoring people in subjects like History, Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Business and Political Science. I am always keen to advise my clients and provide them valuable suggestions which can benefit them. My strong subjects on which I have total command are History, Journalism, Literature, and Religion. My area of expertise is European, Asian, American and Islamic history. I have got a silver medal in my MBA and got a distinction in international relations during my Master’s program. I have got several shields and also in the dean's honor list during my study life. I have an over five years’ experience in the field of humanities. I am also experienced in the area of journalism. With my knowledge and scholastic hard work, I have established myself in all categories of history writings. I have gained expertise in history by providing tutoring services to thousands of people.