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  • Raj Thotakura

    Finance/Accounting Tutor • Explain various concepts of finance in easily understandable language • Taught Financial accounting, Managerial Finance, Corporate Finance, Valuation, Cost of capital, Valuation for Mergers & Acquisitions (LBO, DCF, Multiples valuation etc.) • Taught students on various topics such as WACC, NPV, Options, Annuities, Valuation, FCF, WCR etc. • Helped students with finance related home works Math Tutor • Explained mathematics concepts in easy to understand language. • Broke down complex problems to individual learning levels. • Analyzed student comprehension and prepared goals. • Gave students quizzes and assessed progress. • Helped students build continuously increasing knowledge. • Topics taught in math include: Algebra, Trigonometry, pre-calculus and MBA quantitative tools such as: Statistics, regression analysis, probability etc. Finance,Operations Management,Financial Management,Accounting,Corporate Finance,Strategic Business Management,Mathematics,Engineering,, Education and Qualification*:

    MBA-Finance, Strategy M.S. -Chemical Engineering

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