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  • Sharp.Expert

    Education and Tutoring in life science like Zoology, Genetics . My subjects of expertise includes Zoology, Botany, biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Applied Immunology, Medical Biotechnology Applied Enzymology, Genetic Engineering, Animal Cell and Tissue Culture, Gene Expression and Control, Molecular Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biochemical Engineering, Human Genetics Human Physiology and Anatomy, Medicine Biomedical Instrumentation, Environmental studies, English and Psychology. English,Engineering,Technology,Science,Biology,Psychology,Others,, Education and Qualification*:

    BS. Zoology (4 years) M.Phil Zoology , M.Ed Science Education. Diploma in writing and diploma in Research paleontology

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I am able to provide tutoring, Mentoring and analyzing at international platform as I have more than 5 years teaching and master trainer experience and 2 years of working experience with multinational organizations. I also secured Gold Medal in major subjects like Zoology. My rich experience and broaden vast knowledge can assure you quality tutoring.