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Investment and Portfolio Management is an art of putting together diverse instruments and managing then in such a way to fulfil future goals. This involves management strategy, asset allocation, investment techniques, risk assessment and valuations. Active and Passive management strategies are two strategies to manage Investments and Portfolio. When investors are ready to accept market returns then it is called passive investment strategy, whereas when investments are managed actively in order to beat the market and gain more than market returns then it is called active investment strategy. Portfolio techniques are used in order to diversify risk and returns. A well diversified portfolio could minimize risk and maximize returns. Various portfolio techniques are used in order to construct an optimal investment portfolio from the available investment options. Mutual Funds are well known examples of professionally managed portfolios of assets.

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Some of the important topics in Investment and portfolio Management:

  •   Fundamental Analysis
  •   Technical Analysis
  •   Value Analysis
  •   Active portfolio management
  •   Passive investment management
  •   Mutual Funds
  •   Fixed Deposits
  •   Bonds
  •   Stock
  •   Equities
  •   Real Estate (Residential/Commercial Property)
  •   Gold /Silver
  •   Precious stones
  •   Financial Market
  •   Stock Market
  •   Bond Markets
  •   Commodity Market
  •   Money Market
  •   Derivatives Market
  •   Future Market
  •   Insurance Market
  •   Foreign Exchange Market
  •   Mortgage Market

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