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Operations Research (OR) plays very important role in various management functions it uses analytical methods to make decisions and solve problems in the organizations. It employs mathematical and quantitative techniques which includes mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, Linear Programming, simulation, mathematical optimization, queuing theory, Markov decision processes, economic methods, data analysis, neural networks, expert systems, and decision analysis etc. The applications of operations research can also be seen in areas of engineering and operations management. The functions of engineering jobs and operations management use operations research techniques in order to make optimal decisions and solve management problems.

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Some of the major sub-disciplines in modern operations research are:

  •   Computing and information technologies
  •   Environment, energy, and natural resources
  •   Financial Engineering
  •   Manufacturing, service science, and supply chain management
  •   Marketing Science
  •   Optimization
  •   Policy modelling and public sector work
  •   Revenue management
  •   Simulation
  •   Stochastic models
  •   Transportation
  •   Linear Programming
  •   Markov
  •   Network

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