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Investigation about very general and fundamental questions is philosophy. These general and fundamental questions could be related to knowledge, reality, mind, login, reasoning, morality and values etc. It is pursuit of wisdom. There are several central questions philosophers use to take generally, such as what is there, how do I know, and what should I do etc. Philosophy deals with various big and important questions. Asking those questions would be easy but answering them would be difficult. Many of the big questions about life are answered in philosophy subject. In philosophy you also learn to challenge views and develop your own thoughts and views. This is a subject which develops critical thinking skills and enables us to logically analyze assumptions to argue them.

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Some of the important topics in Philosophy:

  •   Ancient Philosophy
  •   History of Analytic Philosophy
  •   Metaethics
  •   19th-Century Continental Philosophy
  •   Philosophy of Language
  •   Philosophical Logic
  •   Philosophy of Mind
  •   Philosophy of Religion
  •   Philosophy of Science
  •   Ethics / Law
  •   Religion

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